Love differences centres

by Michelangelo Pistoletto / Filippo Fabbrica

“Starting out from the idea of the sea that bears the name Mediterranean we extend the concept of love Difference to planetary level, broadening our vision to other “Mediterranean Seas” of the world. Each of these gathers historical and contemporary realities of different cultures around its shores which are related to different countriers. The name Mediterranean has a meaning common to all seas surrounded by land, as opposed to oceans and expanses of water without defined perimeters.”
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Progetto Arte – Journal 9, Fondazione Pistoletto Onlus ed, Turin 2005.

Communities and Territories.
One day micro workshop for the opening of the first Love Difference office in Larissa for Going Public’05, with an interdisciplinary group of artists, critics, writers, for the creation of a common vision about artistic projects and creative paratices concerning a way of responsible trasformation of society.

The workshop intends to move and experiment, analysis and critics on contemporary art works. Using the practice of learning by doing, meetings will be held before and after the opening of the “Communities and Territory” project, in order to fully articulate the critical processes that will derive from the encounter with works and presentations.Through these meetings, interviews and presentations the group will develop the following abilities: group dynamics, self-criticism, change of point of view. This represents a first step of activities for the territory and the community of Larissa.

The new Love Difference initiatives (1) come under a polycentric structure of activation. Three different centers are opened in Italy; site-specific projects has been promoted in different Mediterranean countries; co-operation with artists for action and organisation; research and invistigation.

Love Difference mission is to increase the comparison about actual social issues and to promote the intercultural dialogue through creative projects which are connected with social context.

Filippo Fabbrica, Love Difference project co-ordinator

Note (1)
Activation of Love Difference Centres:
- Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, by Chiara
Bertola, inserts Dafnà Moscati's project called "Mediterranean in your city".
- Southeritaghe Foundation, Matera. Being based on the organisation of a workshop on creative processes, proposals include projects for a responsible transformation of society.