Bill Owens. Riots

Opening Monday 4th June 2018

Fifty years after the great cultural revolution of 1968, the work of the master of photography Bill Owens will be presented for the first time at PHOTO WEEK MILANO. In his series of images Owens documents the rise of student’s protests at the Berkeley University, in the City of San Francisco. RIOTS it's a movement of rebellion, a desire for change and renewal. Using photography as a means of social documentation, the artist realized a real anthropological investigation. The exhibition juxtapose images and video by a new generation of photogeaphers, on the concept of  'contemporary revolutions'.


Curated by Claudia Zanfi / 'Archivio Bill Owens Milano'.

In collaboration with Space H+ and Kolga Tblisi Photo Festival

Download the flyer: Flyer Bill Owens 2018

Opening Monday 4th June 2018,  6.00 pm
Exhibition Space H+ Via Varese 12, Milan (Italy)