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Public art and Sociology

aMAZElab, Art, Culture, Landscape has conceived and produced important international programs such as GOING PUBLIC, a project of Public Art active for a decade (2002-2012), on urgent issues such as geography and borders, citizenship and politics, community and territory. GOING PUBLIC has involved a long list of international artists, geographers, urban planners, sociologists and researchers. It has activated a wide network of collaborations carried out both in Italy and abroad: Barcelona, Nicosia, Alexandria, Cairo, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Marseille, Palermo, Athens, Tangier, Rotterdam, Kiev, Gdansk, Rotterdam, Bristol, Skopie, Sarajevo.   

A unique and pioneering project

aMAZElab, Art, Culture, Landscape, has created unique and pioneering projects such as ‘A ticket to Baghdad’, presented in 2009 at the Tenth International Festival of Aleppo, Syria, a visual narrative of a trip to Iraq - the mother land of all Mediterranean cultures - realized in 2002 during the embargo and the ‘oil for food’ exchanges. 

A unique experience to meet artists, photographers, writers and students at the Academy of Fine Arts of the Iraqi capital, realized by dribbling the regime's police controls.
The 'concrete utopia' of aMAZElab, Art, Culture, Landscape is celebrating its 20th anniversary!


The 'concrete utopia' of aMAZElab, Art, Culture, Landscape is celebrating its 20th  anniversary! A mobile laboratory that has crossed Europe and the Mediterranean with exhibitions, conferences, performances and seminars in the name of social nature, culture and new landscapes. aMAZElab is a network of creative production and cultural reflection, able to dialogue with the local community and the international territory, with memory and contemporaneity, travelling through unusual places from the Mediterranean, to the Balkans, to the Baltic. 


aMAZElab is an international project by the art historian and cultural promoter Claudia Zanfi.

GOING PUBLIC addresses urgent issues such as the global question of borders

GOING PUBLIC addresses urgent issues such as the global question of borders, their apparent ‘permeability’ and new geographies. The international debate and geopolitical reflections heavily intervene on the new concept of ‘map’, often impossible to trace. Geographies, walls, borders, demarcations, physical but also mental and cultural.

The project is the first to activate actions on the borders of Nicosia Cyprus, Tangier, Jerusalem, Sarajevo, Beirut, with important international authors.




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GOING PUBLIC is an innovative program of artistic practices that have made the interpretation of society and territory its raw material.

GOING PUBLIC is an innovative program of the artistic practices that have made the interpretation of society and territory its raw material. The project operates as a mobile and open platform. It has activated an international network of production and research, with original activities mainly at the railway stations of various cities. A sort of display on new mobility between spaces and subjects, in a landscape that is increasingly in transformation.Some of the best artists working with the social media have chosen for Going Public places of transit and communication, including: Los Carpinteros, Maria Papadimitriou, Thomas Hirschhorn, Ursula Biemann, Gianni Motti, Multiplicity,  Maja Bajevic , Pablo Leon de la Barra , Fabiana de Barros,  Adrian Paci, Atelier Van Lieshout, , Calin Dan, Dan Perjovschi, Zafos Xagoraris Meschac Gaba, Zineb Sedira,Yto Barrad, many others. There are a number of important theoretical interventions, including:Basualdo, Boeri, Pietromarchi, Tzirtzilakis, Virno, Eyal Weizman, Zamudio, Zanfi, many others.

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary it is possible to order the publications at a reduced price

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary, the cultural organization aMAZElab reviews the extensive research carried out so far in the Balkans and the Mediterranean area. All the material is visible at the online archive ( and it is possible to order the publications at a reduced price.   



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Geographies, walls, boundaries, physical or cultural


Geographies, walls, boundaries, physical or cultural.

These are some of the themes dealt with in the ten-year program GOING PUBLIC, which ends its research in the Balkan area. The project wants to investigate the new cultural landscape, through collective narratives that establish a different relationship between the city and its memory, urban policy and public practices. The interdisciplinary, intercultural and intergenerational work presented in this long journey looks at the city, retracing its historical context in dialogue with the current situation 

GOING PUBLIC program (2002-2012)

On the occasion of the award-winning GOING PUBLIC program (2002-2012), a series of projects have been carried out focusing on the relationship between community and territory, urban space and public sphere, borders and mobility. Various platforms have been activated involving artists, students, citizens, to rethink the use of public space, offering alternative proposals for conflict and border areas such as: Beirut, Jerusalem, Tangier, Sarajevo.

The relationship between community and territory, between city and citizens is at the centre of the most recent debates. The proposal of the GOING PUBLIC program, with workshops, seminars, exhibitions and public debates, has focused on urban and peripheral space, social policy and territorial management. In other words, the use of public space in our culture of living.

The public place is a space where people act and create "a common world full of differences" (Saskia Sassen).

aMAZElab is proud to announce its 20th Anniversary

Starting out in 2000 with pioneering exhibitions like 'OUT OF THE WOOD', an art and nature itinerary held in collaboration with the Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, right up to the resounding success of the project GREEN ISLAND. Urban Hives, during Milano Design Week. From the international platforms of reflection and practices in public spaces such as 'GOING PUBLIC', to the projects held throughout the Mediterranean area: Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Tangiers, Marseilles, Palermo, Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul, Theran, Tirana, Skopie and Sarajevo.  

And so 20 years of intense activity. 5 prestigious European prizes for the quality of our projects, innovation and networking capacity. We have come a long way, bringing together cultural figures and practices, ideas, projects, debates, exhibitions, publications, public and private institutions, universities and arts academies.

Paying constant attention to the issues of art, society, landscape, sustainability and public sphere.

The class is starting soon!
ALVEARI URBANI has created the first artist's apiary in Europe, for the recovery of abandoned green areas, with hives designed by artists and designers from all over the world. For 2020, in collaboration with the City of Lainate and Friends of Villa Litta, organizes a course dedicated to urban beekeeping, gardens, biodiversity, open to all citizens, young people and women, beginning January 2020.

ALL INTERESTED  are welcome! For registration and details contact Claudia Zanfi: / 338.7642577
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