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As part of the prestigious international days of LANDSCAPE MASTERS, in the splendid setting of Bergamo Alta (Italy),  the world premiere of the book 'Architetture e forme di Giardini. Fotografie di Alberto Callari', edited by Claudia Zanfi and Laura Pirovano will be presented.

Through a series of images, the book outlines a broad path leading through historical and contemporary gardens, with introductory texts by leading Italian landscape designers: Marco Bay, Ermanno Casasco, Francesca Marzotto Caotorta, Antonio Perazzi, Alessandro Rocca, Patrizia Pozzi, Anna Scaravella, Emanuela Rosa-Clot, Paolo Villa. Introduzione di Claudia Zanfi (Green Island) e Laura Pirovano (Giardini in viaggio). Pagg. 170 colors (Silvana Ed.) 



At last the bees have arrived in the ARTISTS’ BEEHIVES!!!

They are beautiful, and are already buzzing around, sipping nectar from the flowers we sowed last autumn, as well as from the clover and lime trees. The project is part of an plan undertaken more than three years ago by Green Island, curated by Claudia Zanfi (art historian and landscape artist), dedicated to the urban landscape, biodiversity and an awareness of the wonderful world of bees.

against the consume of green areas

Green island is now member of PEOPLE4SOIL, against the consume of green areas, together with  300 international organizations. Take part to the campaign!!!


Opening Monday 11th April 2016, 12 am

We are pleased to invite you to the grand opening of GREEN ISLAND 2016. CREATE FUTURE LANDSCAPES, that will take place at the main Hall Garibadli Train Station Milano, with art projects, green installations, music, the song of the queen bee, bio-apetizers, lots more. 

Call for Ideas: send contributions by 30th March 2016


Call for ideas: eco-design dedicated to young designers for Garibaldi Train Station Milano (Italy)

Send contributions by 30th MARCH 2016

Downolad the call

Thursday 3d December 2015 - 6 pm

We are pleased to announce two important solo exhibitions dedicated to the international master of photography BILL OWENS, with its images on the contemporary city and society, highly influential for an entire generation of photographers.

Sunday 4th October 2015

This Autumn the international program GREEN ISLAND will open the first BEE HIVE ART PARC in the world! Curated by Atelier del Paesaggio, the program is part of a ten-year path for the development of green in the city.

Wednesday July 22nd - 8 pm

The City of Modena presents a series of meetings, conferences, dialogues with the citiziens on art, literature, sociology, urbanism, ect... Claudia Zanfi and Elisa Abati will present the program 'Urban Hives', dedicated to women beekeepers and biodiversity, in collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Commission.

The importance of green spaces in the complex urban reality, both from the social point of view and the concept of landscape, has always been the focus of  aMAZElab researches.




We are plased to announce that THREE Pavillons at the International Art Biennial Venice are dedicated to artists who in the last years had participated to GOING PUBLIC, program ideated by our organisation to investigate territories, communities, micro-geographies, emerging cultures.

aMAZElab TURNS 15! July 1st - December 31st 2015

Starting out in 2000 with pioneering exhibitions like 'OUT OF THE WOOD', an art and nature itinerary held in collaboration with the Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, right up to the success of the last edition of GREEN ISLAND 2015

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