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aMAZElab is proud to announce its 20th Anniversary

Starting out in 2000 with pioneering exhibitions like 'OUT OF THE WOOD', an art and nature itinerary held in collaboration with the Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, right up to the resounding success of the project GREEN ISLAND. Urban Hives, during Milano Design Week. From the international platforms of reflection and practices in public spaces such as 'GOING PUBLIC', to the projects held throughout the Mediterranean area: Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Tangiers, Marseilles, Palermo, Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul, Theran, Tirana, Skopie and Sarajevo.  

And so 20 years of intense activity. 5 prestigious European prizes for the quality of our projects, innovation and networking capacity. We have come a long way, bringing together cultural figures and practices, ideas, projects, debates, exhibitions, publications, public and private institutions, universities and arts academies.

Paying constant attention to the issues of art, society, landscape, sustainability and public sphere.

The class is starting soon!
ALVEARI URBANI has created the first artist's apiary in Europe, for the recovery of abandoned green areas, with hives designed by artists and designers from all over the world. For 2020, in collaboration with the City of Lainate and Friends of Villa Litta, organizes a course dedicated to urban beekeeping, gardens, biodiversity, open to all citizens, young people and women, beginning January 2020.

ALL INTERESTED  are welcome! For registration and details contact Claudia Zanfi: czanfi@libero.it / 338.7642577
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5th at 7 pm, Galleria Sozzani, Milan/ WEDNESDAY, JULY 3d at 6pm, International Meeting Photography, Arles

Two important presentations dedicated to the master of international photography BILL OWENS, with his significant investigations on contemporary society. 

FRIDAY 14TH JUNE, 3-9 pm

Important meeting of the CON.ME (Contemporaneo Mediterraneo) network on the theme of migr

SUNDAY 9th JUNE, 3-5 pm

GREEN ISLAND is part of the ‘Sustainable Development Festival’. The Festival aims to expe

GUIDED TOURS 10-11-12-13 APRIL, 4-5pm

Green design, art, botany: a walk through the gardens of the Isola District, guided by Claudia Zanfi, art historian and landscape designer.


9-14 APRIL 2019, 10am - 11pm

‘The Garden of Mind’ is an installation by the artist and designer Michele Fabbricatore created for public spaces and education, a 4 meters high sculpture, made with reuse of urban wood and surrounded by a Mediterranean garden, in collaboration with the green nurserie Giorgio Tesi Group.


9-14 APRIL 2019, 10am - 11pm

"Leonardo's Gardens" is a tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci in the 500th century dedicated to the great master. It is a public itinerary created by Claudia Zanfi and Andrea Liberni, in which botany, architecture, eco-design and nature come together in an unusual program that transforms the Isola Design District into an art garden, with entirely vegetable materials, set up at the external area of the Stecca 3.0.


Dedicated to bees and their extraordinary 'architectural' capacity, the 'Theatre/Landscape Observatory', promoted by Green Island, is a project by the students of Politecnico Milano and TerraViva Organisation (prof. Richard Ingersoll). It’s a space completely made by natural materials and straw, to enjoy music and performances, comfortably seated in the midst of nature, surrounded by trees and artist's hives.



San Faustino Garden,
Ortica Area, Milan

The fascinating setting of Marina Coccetti's greenhouse and nursery, a green corner overlooking Lake Varese, hosts the presentation of the book 'The Gardens of Piet Oudolf', edited by Claudia Zanfi. A narration by images through some of the most significant gardens designed by the famous landscape designer, author of the NYC High Line.



Vivaio Coccetti,
Sesto Calende, Varese