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3-9 April 2017

An eco-design itinerary is what is proposed this year in the sixteenth edition of Green Island, during the Milano Design Week (3-9 April 2017). The central focus is the Isola Neighbourhood, an area undergoing major cultural and urban expansion, presented in three stages, investigating the ‘plant sculptures’ by the artist EMILIA FARO.

15th Febraury 2017, 6.00 pm

The concept of art garden originally started in the Middle East. People have always want to explore new territories. Travel, nomadism, migration is a source of great cultural exchanges. The deep sense of traveling is the desire for knowledge and confrontation.

Claudia Zanfi, traveler and passionate connoisseur of the Middle East area and cultures, narrates the main gardens of those lands, from Beiruth to Baghdad, from Jerusalem to Teheran. Fifth special meeting with worlds and images by Dr Claudia Zanfi (Art historian and landscape designer; direction GREEN ISLAND).

15th February, 6.00 pm

Bilbioteca del Parco Sempione, Milan (Italy)


Territorial competition

The group 'Atelier del Paesaggio' (atelierdelpaesggio.wordpress.com) is among the winners of the competition for urban regeneration, promoted by the city of Sesto San Giovanni Council (Milano) for "All my this city." This is the first call for the improvement of peripheral areas, thinking of its inhabitants, his history, his genius loci. The group has proposed a virtuous alternative path and common gardens: the presence of decorous environments helps to improve the quality of life, generate behaviors of responsibility and collective care.


"All my this city" - Sesto San Giovanni Council (Milan, Italy)

9 February-17 April 2017

The direction of GAMeC- Modern Art Gallery of Bergamo is pleased to announce the opening the first major retrospective dedicated to the artistic and photographic work of Mario Cresci, whose artistic figure could be considered among the most relevant and comprehensive of the Italian scene from the Seventies. For the first time it will be presented the complete series of his film and videos. In the catalog a text by Claudia Zanfi on Cresci work between video and photography.


9 February/17 April 2017

GAMeC - Bergamo


22-25 November 2016

On the occasion of the pubblication n.40 by international Museo TEO ART FANZINE, the entire magazine will be dedicated to Japan.

Artists, art curators, writers, photographers, designers are invited to narrate their impressions, their travels , their cultural and artistic exchanges, experienced in the land of the raising sun. On the pages of  the magazine several contributions by: Keiko Ando Mei, Giovanni Bai e Carolina Gozzini, Andrea Bader, Francesco Flamini e Marco de Barba, Edoardo Fontana, Christian Gangitano, Flavio Gallozzi,  Taruho Inagaki, Tosio Kojima, Katsuya Komagata,  Makiko Mori,  Michiyo Murakami, Shin Murakami, Hiro Nakano,  Mario Tedeschi, Takako Saito, Urara Sakai, Masa Washio, Claudia Zanfi; others…..

Opening Tuesday 22nd November 6 pm:  exhibitions and performances.


22-25 November 2016

c/o Studio Grossetti Milano (Italy)

15-20 November 2016

In the frame of the renowed  Beograd Green Fest, a festival dedicate to eco-green-art projects, GREEN ISLAND is invited to present the results of the international call for proposals New Urban Ecology, to re-design public areas at the Garibaldi Train Station in Milan (Italy).

The project draws on the attention of the urgent importance played by outdoor spaces in today’s complex urban reality, both from the point of view of the social context as well as the evolution of the concept of urban landscape design. Presentation and Lecture at the Architecture and Design University of Belgrade, held by dott.ssa Claudia Zanfi (director Green Island).


24/ 25 OCTOBER, 10 am-6pm

Urban ecology, biodiversity, cooperation, are some of the subjects of the X International Forum of Saint Petersburg. In this contest several international organizations, experts from different european countries and from the Council of Europe, will presents their experiences and the challenges necessary to implement the quality of urban life, inter-regional cooperations and a more sustainable turism. Claudia Zanfi is invited to narrate the pluriennal program of  Green Island and the recent success of the project URBAN HIVES.



24/ 25 OCTOBER, 10 am-6pm

Saint Petersburg (Russia)


During the weekend at Royal Parc of Monza (Milano), for the Festival of the 'Autumn Gardens - FLORA et DECORA', the new research and publication titled FLORA URBANA (Urban Flora) will be presented. The publication collects  a large research on spontaneous edible weeds, botanic tables by agronomists and a large documentation of the project GREEN ISLAND edited by the curator Claudia Zanfi. 




It is all our pleasure to invite you to a special appointment, dedicated to the photographic landscapes by Mario Giacomelli, at the Gallery 'Studio Guastalla' Milano. 'E la Terra veniva come magica' (And the Land will be like a magician) is the title of the exhibition, which presents images that seems anticipate the 'Land Art' mouvment. In fact Mario Giacomelli himself stated:' The farmer, where there had been a tree, made a bit of a curve with the plough and added new furrows and the land came out as something magical'. On show till  28th November 2016.




It is our pleasure to invite you to a special appointment: the presentation of a recent tour of Iran, in search of the ancient Persian gardens and the modern public parks of Teheran. A narrative told through images, edited by Dr Claudia Zanfi. The event will be held in the midst of the splendid green setting of the Library of Sempione Park in Milan, an architectural jewel designed by famous designer Ico Parisi.




Bilbioteca del Parco Sempione, Milano