VI Photography Biennial of Plovdiv/Sofia (Bulgaria)

Photography and Sociology: Franco Vaccari, Mario Cresci, Silvio Wolf

Curated by Claudia Zanfi
Plovdiv, Bulgarian, 18 October – 5 November 2002
For the first time, there was an Italian presence at the Sixth International Photography Biennial held in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), under the title Vision of Europe. Photography and Sociology.
The approach planned for the Italian participation works on an intriguing split level. On one hand, there will be the photographs of three artists who have “made history”. On the other, a series of videos and web projects produced by contemporary artists will be presented. What’s more, the prestigious ‘Marangoni’ Photography School of Florence will also be present.
aMAZElab presented the artworks made by Franco Vaccari, Mario Cresci, Silvio Wolf, three important Italian artists who all address the theme of the relationship between photography and sociology. Three artists who use photography as a unique and original means of expression.  In fact, their real aims do not lie in the field of photography, but rather in that of the social sciences: in the transmission of experience in teaching art and in a series of projects that might today be defined as ‘relational art’
Artists: Franco Vaccari, Mario Cresci, Silvio Wolf.