AMAZElab Creative Space (Milano - Italy)

On the occasion of the Sustainable Mondays, evenings held once a month dedicated to green spaces and socialising, the cultural organization aMAZElab Art&Cultures will host a meeting dedicated to collective gardens and urban vegetable hortus. In particular, the debate will focus on how the GREEN ISLAND project has developed within the Isola neighbourhood, now at its ninth edition with a broad local and international network, and for over 10 years committed to the valorisation of public space, paying particular attention to key themes such as biodiversity, urban green areas, territory and sustainability.

The meeting will then examine a number of urban experiences such as the creation of a pomegranate orchard in a former factory yard of the Milanese Bovisa neighbourhood, and the analysis of the means to be adopted for landscape educational purposes. The evening will be brought to life with stories told through photos, music, tastings of tisanes and organic foods.


Claudia Zanfi, founder of the Green Island project;

Marinella Mandelli and Laura Pirovano, co-founders of VerDiSegni – an Association promoting the spread and protection of ‘green culture’;

Alberto Callari and Francesco Radino, landscape photographers.

Introduce: Emina Cevro Vukovic, co-founder of Sustainable Mondays.


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