Raimond Chaves (Bogotà 1963) and Gilda Mantilla (Los Angeles 1967)

they work together on the concept of mobility and sociality, creating the project ESTACION MOVIL.. Mobile Station is over and above, the possibility to act out the capability for working with the people in all the different places. It is more likely a public space of confluence, conceived for the work in common, than an organized collective or an articulated group.
MS is conceived as an all-terrain vehicle for its desire to reach all types of places. MS is a roving dance floor, figuratively because it conceives its action as source of joy and knowledge; and literally because it actually promotes dance sessions. MS is a graphic agitation cell because it enjoys to publish posters and flyers, to make banners, to produce rope news papers, to promote drawings, to elaborate and question images.
MS features a series of activities dedicated to make contact with local creators and interested public. The aim is to provoke creative „jammings” that could help to spread local cultural activities. Gilda Mantilla represents Perù in Latin American pavillion at 50°Biennale di Venezia.