El Colectivo Cambalache (Carolina Caycedo-Federico Guzmán- Alonso Gil- Adriana García)

starts his activity in 1998, along the most popular Bogotà’s roads, creating artistic events on social background. Among those the project “Museo de la Calle”. After some years of activity, EL VELOZ (mobile chariot of the museum) run through the hole Bogotá and moved to the rest of the world, realizing meetings and exchanges, for an inter-oceanic exchange. The project “Museo de la Calle”, wants to show, like in a real flea market, that the circulating process of goods, recovers the significance of human relation ship inside the urban space. “El cambalache”, is a mood inside the informal economic practices, that grow with spontaneity into the cities, and asks about the real value of the objects, proposing a new form of non-monetary system. An inter-exchange whose value is not fixed by the economical power, but by the value given by each one of the participants.