(Stefano Boeri, Maddalena Bregani, Francisca Insulza, Francesco Jodice, Giovanni La Varra, John Palmesino)
Multiplicity is a an agency for territorial investigation based in Milan. Multiplicity is concerned in contemporary urbanism, architecture, visual arts and general culture. Multiplicity detects the physical environment, researching for the clues and traces produced by new social behaviors. Multiplicity promotes and organises projects in various parts of the world. Multiplicity is an ever-changing network, recruited in the various geographical area of intervention. The research network is formed by architects, geographers, artists, urban planners, photographers, sociologists, economists, filmmakers, etc. Multiplicity projects and produces installations, intervention strategies, workshops and books about the recent and hidden processes of transformation of the urban condition. At present, the Multiplicity network counts on around eighty researchers, involved in three major projects: USE-Uncertain states of Europe (Bordeaux 2000, Brussels 2001, Tokyo 2001, Perth 2002, Milan 2002); Tokyo Voids (Tokyo 2002); Solid Sea, a study of the Mediterranean presented at Documenta11. Other recent projects include The Chinese Connection (Perth International Arts Festival 2002) and Space World – a Void workshop (CCA Kitakyushu 2002). Publications include: Mutations, (Actar, Barcelona 2001, with various authors); Mutations, (TNProbe, Tokyo 2000, also by various authors), Geografie und die Politik der Mobilität, (Generali Foundation, Vienna 2003, by various authors).