May 27th - June 30th 2015

The installation The vineyard in a Garden, designed by  Claudia Zanfi, has transformed the space of a disused garage in the center of Milan, in a journey to discover the historical Italian tradition of viticulture, that carachterized the area, including the ancient vineyard of Leonardo da Vinci

The project includes a path through a small vineyard, enclosed by a typical Italian garden, with botanical essences of the Mediterranean. It is a sensory experience that includes the texture of foliage, the various shades of green,  the scent of woods, the sound of a summer afternoon in the countryside.

This project continues the collaboration between Green Island and the District 5VIE art + desgin after the previous joint activities for the 'Secret Garden of Terraggio'.

May 27th  - June 30th  2015, 10 am – 6 pm

Space Sanremo, Via della Zecca Vecchia 3 -Milan - Italy