Sunday 4th October 2015

This Autumn the international program GREEN ISLAND will open the first BEE HIVE ART PARC in the world! Curated by Atelier del Paesaggio, the program is part of a ten-year path for the development of green in the city.

Is an important reflection on the relationship between human being and environment, art and ecology. Creatives from all over the world are invited to rethink the hive to accommodate urban bees. The green area that houses the apiary was recovered from abandonment and returned to the city,thanks to the new Gardens of Via Padova and the planting of a flowering carpet for pollinating and ladybugs. The program is carried outtogether with local citizens. Workshops, guided tours, debates, are designed to learn more about the hive art works and as social experiences.

Where: Urban Hortus and Gardens via Padova, Milano (Italy).