GREEN ISLAND. The mobile Herbarium. Art, Nature, Design

New works by international artists on the theme of 'Art and Nature', vegetation in motion, herbarium in voyage.

The project, conceived for the Sociology Fest of Modena, is configured as a real journey, a path for images that will be articulated in three Italian cities (Milan, Mantua, Modena), ending in an exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Modena. The aim is to promote the concept of beauty and slow mobility (traveling by train), combining cultural subjects and practices, projections and public exhibitions, to raise awareness of urgent issues such as art, society, landscape.

A project by Claudia Zanfi



Simone Berti (Italy); Fabiana De Barros (Swiss); Paul Clemence (USA);  Judith Cowan (UK); Sergio Leitao (Portugal); Dorna Lofti (Iran);  Achilleas Kentonis (Cyprus); Jacopo Natoli (Italy); Sabrina Notturno (Italy);  Piet Oudolf (Olanda); Vera Pravda (Balkans); Anne Pellissier (France); Rossella Pezzino (Italy); Mezgeen Rashid (Iraq); Oliver Musovik (Macedonia); George Salameh (Libano); Lorella Salvagni (Italy); Vincenzo Zancana (Italy); Lois Weinberger (Austria); Xurban Collective (Turkey); Zafos Xagoraris (Greece)

Dates and places 2021

> MILAN, 4/10 September | Porta Garibaldi Station | Milano Design Week

> MANTOVA, 8/12 September | Railway Station | Festivaletteratura

> MODENA, 17 September - 3 October | Botanical Garden | festivalfilosofia