Razvan Ion + Critical Factor (Romania)

Critical Factor (Razvan Ion and Bodgan Stanciulescu),
"Recycle Mentality", 2005, installation (Ketucon Phone Center)
Razvan Ion, "quite_quiet_minutes", 2003, video 1'42", (Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario)
With his great interest in the world of photography and of video in particular, Razvan Ion is in fact the founder of the first Romanian journal on art and photography entitled ArtPhoto, published entirely in English and distributed around the world. In his 2003 video, he treats the last minute of Caucescu’s public life in front of masses of demonstrators in the streets of Bucharest with bright, artificial colours typical of propaganda. Recycle Mentality, a more recent video, shows how the East/West divide is still based dominantly on economic factors, on consumerism and on the “brainwashing” carried out on consumers.