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Claudia Zanfi, direction aMAZElab
Ada Biafore, project coordinator
Valeria Zanoni, communication
Alberto Bonanni, graphic design
Tim Boyce, web master
Ben Bazalgette, translations
Alessandro De Palma, financial manager

Stefano Maffei (architect/professor Politecnico, Milano)
Pier Luigi Sacco (director Department Art&Design IUAV, Venezia)
Simonetta Lux (writer/professor Università La Sapienza, Roma)
Cloti Riccciardi (cultural activist, Roma)
Flavio Marziano (artist/theoretician, Bologna)

aMAZElab is a non-profit cultural lab which works for the diffusion and knowledge of contemporary cultures. Founded in 2000 by Claudia Zanfi and Gianmaria Conti, its members and representatives include artists, sociologists, journalists, students, researchers.

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