Going Public '08 Artists

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is an independent curator and art critic and is interested in micro-geographies and emerging cultures. She is Director of the cultural association aMAZElab (www.amaze.it), which she founded in 2000, and of MAST (Museo d’Arte Sociale e Territoriale). She collaborates with national and international institutions and with art magazines and has authored texts in group and monographic publications.

lives and works in Athens. He studied Architecture at Athens and Boston and co-curated the Pavilion of Greece at Venice Architecture Biennial in 2004. Exhibitions he has recently exhibited at include: Manifesta 7 (Trentino – Alto Adige), 2008; Biennial of the End of the World (Ushuaia, Argentina), 2007; Bienal de São Paulo, 2006; Silencers and Amps (Galerie Francoise Heitsch, Munich), 2005; Going Public (Modena, Italy), 2004; Zafos Xagoraris: Three Bells (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens), 2003.

graduate in Fine Arts, he worked as artist and music producer for television. After working as independent curator from 1994 to 1999, he directed Spacex, Exeter, from 1999 to 2005, curating exhibitions and off-site projects and placing particular emphasis upon socially-engaged, context-based work. He also worked on multi-site projects like Patterns (2001) and Homeland (2004). For Liverpool Biennial he co-curated Generator (2004) and Hortus (2004). He has been Director of Arnolfini, Bristol, since 2005.

graduate in Classic Philology (Rome, 1969) and teacher of Italian, Greek and Latin from 1970 to 2000, in 1980 she was awarded a scholarship by the Czech Ministry of Culture. After working as a journalist for the newspaper L’Alto Adige and for the press agency AGL, she currently lives in Morocco and works for the press agency Lettera 22.

collective of architects born in 2000 from the collaboration between Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen, who were later joined by Milica Topalovic, Ivan Kucina and Mario Campanella. They curated the Pavilion of the Netherlands at Venice Architecture Biennial (2008) and their work has recently been exhibited in Austria (Gone City, Bregenz, 2008), Spain (POST-IT City, Barcelona, 2008), Slovenia (Lost Highway, Ljubljana, 2007), Sweden (Open Studios, Stockholm, 2007) and China (Architectural Biennial, Beijing, 2006).

currently lives in London and works between London, Algiers and Paris. She studied in London, at Central St. Martins, Slade School of Arts and Royal College of Art. Her works has been exhibited in several International exhibitions and biennials of contemporary art like: Quadrennial for Contemporary Art (Copenhagen), 2008; Sharjah International Biennial (United Arab Emirates), 2003 and 2007; Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 2006; Mori Museum (Tokyo), 2005; ICP Triennial (New York), 2003; Tate Britain, 2002; Venice Biennial, 2001.

photographer, he won the Portfolio Prize at Modena Fotografia in 1996. He has exhibited at solo and group shows in Venice (Architecture Biennial, 1996 and 2006), Modena (La vita delle forme da Picasso a Warhol, 2003), Palermo (Half light fotografie e video, 2008/9; Viaggio in Sicilia, 2007), Nuremberg (Norimberga/Palermo, 2002), New York (Biennale di Fotografia Italiana, 2001). He is teacher at School of Fine Arts and at University of Palermo.

is an independent researcher in urban cultures, cultural planning and citizenship, a translator and a poet. She taught Political Science and History at University College London (1991-98) and was research associate of the International Cultural Planning & Policy Unit at De Montfort University, Leicester (1996-2006). Her publications include: Crossing the Rainbow (2003), Planning for the Intercultural City (2004), Cultural Diversity in Britain (2006) and Informality and Social Creativity in Four European Port Cities (2008).

studied sociology, anthropology, social psichology and art in Athens and Paris. Her research mainly concerns the social representations of space, illness and death, the body and contemporary art practices. After teaching at universities of Crete, Thessaly and Athens, she is currently teacher of Anthropology of Art at Athens School of Fine Arts.

lives and works in Rotterdam as independent designer and photographer. He mostly focuses on the transformations of the urban landscape, of which he explores possible future scenarios making use of the photographic medium. Winner of the Charlotte Kohler Prize for young promising artists and architects in the Netherlands, he has published Artificial Arcadia (2004), Rotterdam (2007) and Galleria Naturale (2008). Recent exhibitions include: Nature as Artifice (Otterloo, The Netherlands), 2008; Venice Architecture Biennial, 2006; Shrinking Cities (Berlin), 2005; Venice Architecture Biennial, 2004.

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