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24th-26th September

Friday 24th September

Giardino San Faustino + CasciNet, Milan

Urban itineraries and narrations: how the new green areas of the contemporary city are conceived? How to cross it and experience them in a different way ? A new journey by bike, from Giardino San Faustino to Cascina Sant'Ambrogio Milano, between memory and contemporaneity of the Ortica district, to discover new aspects of the urban reforestation project 'Soulfood Forest Farm'.

Saturday 25th e Sunday 26th September,

Cascina Merlata Park, via P.P. Pasolini, Milan

For the Sustainability Week organized by ASVIS, ALVEARI URBANI will carry out workshops for citizens on urban ecology and beekeeping in the city, with the special transparent educational beehive, which allows to see the wonderful life of bees, their social organization, pollen collection and honey.

17th-19th September


The project 'THE MOBILE HERBARIUM’ proposes artworks by international artists on the theme of herbariums and vegetation in motion. All the works, created specifically for the occasion, built the idea of ‘herbarium’ as fragile although relevant art work to be collected. 'This vegetation is free to across borders with spores and seeds; is narrated through images and drawings by international artists; is an unprecedented puzzle of botanical, naturalistic and creative forms', says curator Claudia Zanfi.

4th-12th September, 2021

Art & Nature, are the themes proposed this year by the international program 'GREEN ISLAND', during Milano Design Week. An urban journey dedicated to creativity and eco-design, in the area of Isola District. In particular, this edition involves the collaboration with Garibaldi Train Station/ Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, for a special public art project inside train stations.

With the support of BPER Banca and media partner ARTRIBUNE.

Invitation attached


New works by international artists on the theme of 'Art and Nature', vegetation in motion, herbarium in voyage.

The project, conceived for the Sociology Fest of Modena, is configured as a real journey, a path for images that will be articulated in three Italian cities (Milan, Mantua, Modena), ending in an exhibition at the Botanical Garden of Modena. The aim is to promote the concept of beauty and slow mobility (traveling by train), combining cultural subjects and practices, projections and public exhibitions, to raise awareness of urgent issues such as art, society, landscape.

A project by Claudia Zanfi



Simone Berti (Italy); Fabiana De Barros (Swiss); Paul Clemence (USA);  Judith Cowan (UK); Sergio Leitao (Portugal); Dorna Lofti (Iran);  Achilleas Kentonis (Cyprus); Jacopo Natoli (Italy); Sabrina Notturno (Italy);  Piet Oudolf (Olanda); Vera Pravda (Balkans); Anne Pellissier (France); Rossella Pezzino (Italy); Mezgeen Rashid (Iraq); Oliver Musovik (Macedonia); George Salameh (Libano); Lorella Salvagni (Italy); Vincenzo Zancana (Italy); Lois Weinberger (Austria); Xurban Collective (Turkey); Zafos Xagoraris (Greece)

World Biodiversity Day


curated by Claudia Zanfi



The project ATLAS. Back to Earth sees the collaboration of the ATELIER DEL PAESAGGIO group in the recovery of abandoned or disused green areas in order to return common public spaces to the city and its citizens, as well as the creation of artists' gardens. On this occasion, a large 'participatory' raw earth sculpture, designed by the artist JONATHAN COLOMBO and created with the collaboration of over 100 people, will be placed in the San Faustino Garden in Milan. The aim is , contributing to the themes that have always characterised GREEN ISLAND's activities: society, territory, public space, urban ecologies.

20th Anniversary of the organisation aMAZElab, Art, Culture, Landscape

We are pleased to announce a series of events for the 20th Anniversary of the organisation aMAZElab, Art, Culture, Landscape. For the occasion, a special artistic/curatorial journey will be presented: international artists have been invited to work on the themes of geography and borders. The aim is to narrate the long pioneering path carried out by aMAZElab on the Mediterranean and Balkan coasts and along the Middle East, relating to art and society, community and territory, human being and nature.


20 years of intense activity: 5 prestigious European awards for the quality of our projects, innovation and networking capacity.

A long journey linking cultural subjects and practices, ideas, projects, debates, exhibitions, publications, universities and art academies, public and private institutions. With a constant focus on themes such as art, society, landscape, biodiversity, eco-design.


Spring Solstice Week

URBAN HIVES is also a program to monitor the quality of the air and the environment where we live, through the work of bees. On the ‘Spring Solstice Week’ a special workshop dedicated to botany and flowers for pollinators will be held online. Each of us can participate by improving the environment and the preservation of bees, sowing useful flowers, rich in pollen and nectar. Species that are particularly attractive to bees and butterflies include plants useful in cooking such as: rosemary, sage, borage, chives, thyme, basil, alfalfa, allium, clover. In addition, the beautiful blooms of mallow, lavender, phacelia, calendula, cosmos, bluebells, violets are also useful for bees.

The program is curated by Claudia Zanfi, Green Island’s director.


A series of talks and workshops will be held online

During the ‘Spring Solstice Week’ a series of talks and workshops will be held online.

The first workshop aims to experiment new practices and moments of reflection useful to understand the complexity of the phenomena of territorial transformation and to implement actions to safeguard biodiversity. In particular, the opening of the new apiary proposes activities on urban ecologies and urban beekeeping. Through the presentation of a new educational beehive, with transparent walls, it will be possible to observe the wonderful life of bees, their social organization, the cells with honey and flower’s pollen.



Biodiversity and creativity

Starting from Sunday March 21st, the day of ‘Spring Solstice’, our Green Island activities will be dedicated to pollinators, urban biodiversity and creativity.Inside the new Cascina Merlata Public Park in Milan, around the fascinating area of the water spring, we will unveil the 4th public apiary realized by artists, designers and beekeepers of the collective Atelier del Paesaggio.

This is a special project, the only one urban beekeeping program in Milan, which is focused on enhancing biodiversity and safeguarding pollinators in public areas of the city.



GREEN ISLAND joins the Festival of Sustainable Development


GREEN ISLAND joins the Festival of Sustainable Development, with the aim of experimenting new practices, moments of reflection and workshops useful to understand the complexity of the territorial transformation, activate actions useful to protect urban biodiversity and contamination between different forms of knowledge. In particular, on Sunday September 27th, at the country house Cascina Merlata Park, the new project ALVEARI URBANI will start, with workshops on urban ecologies and beekeeping in the city, open to all citizens, families, students. Curated by Claudia Zanfi (direction Green Island/ Urban Hives).


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