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Saturday, 1° October - Sunday, 2 October,

A series of workshops and public talks open to citizens, families, students, are organized by Green Island, on the occasion of GREEN WEEK MILAN. The aim is to experience new practices and moments of reflection useful for understanding the development of new urban ecologies. A platform of dialogue among art, urbanism, eco-design, in order to learn more about the wonderful life of bees and their social organization.



Saturday, 1° October, 4 pm, CASCINA MERLATA, Milan
Sunday, 2 October, 5 pm, SAN FAUSTINO GARDEN, Milan


Friday, 30 September, 6 pm Space Viafarini.Work,

SWARM is the first international collective of women for the preservation of bees and biodiversity in all its forms. This collective includes beekeepers, journalists, botanists, university professors, designers, artists, and writers. It stands as an observatory capable of activating research, events, exhibitions, to stimulate a more sustainable development of territories. Bees for an active citizen participation, to spread cultural and ecological messages, useful for future generations.





Sunday, 18 September, Ferrara Tuesday, 20 September, Bergamo

This book (Corponove Editions) is dedicated to bees and their special relation with the world of art, design, and architecture. But above all, it is dedicated to the preservation of urban biodiversity and pollinators, with useful indications for planting melliferous plants and flowers, and for installing a beehive in gardens, to address future generations toward a more sustainable city. 

Edited by Claudia Zanfi, director of Green Island / Urban Beehives.


Sunday, 18 September, 5 pm, @ INTERNO VERDE, Ferrara 
Tuesday, 20 September, 3 pm, @ I MAESTRI DEL PAESAGGIO, Bergamo

Porta Garibaldi Train Station, Milan (Italy), 6-12 June 2022
In addition, a special project for this 20th edition of Green Island / Milan Design Week, is the creation of Nido d’Ape / Honeycomb a series of small beehives for solitary bees, conceived by the international design studio CARACOL, an innovative research group in 3D printing. The material used for this particular project is polylactic acid or PLA, a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic that is derived from processing sugars of natural origin (beets, corn, sugar cane). 
Let's follow the GREEN ISLAND trail and be enchanted by the power of nature, art and eco-design.
Porta Garibaldi Train Station, Milan (Italy), 6-12 June 2022
The Garden of Flora is a urban green project created for Garibaldi Train Station, with vegetation grown and selected by Coccetti Nursery. Botanically inspired art works 'Lost in Flora' created by Bloom&me (artistic duo formed by Carolina Trabattoni and Valeria Vaselli) will be presented. These works will be joined by 'Monocle' sculptures made from natural materials by Antonella De Nisco
Every afternoon at 5 p.m.
6-12 June 2022
Art & Nature, are the themes proposed this year by the international program 'GREEN ISLAND', during Milano Design Week. A tour dedicated to creativity, art, botany, eco-design, at the Isola District area. 'The Garden of Flora' is a visual-sensorial experience, an unprecedented urban green setting for Garibaldi Train Station, Milan, curated by Claudia Zanfi /Atelier del Paesaggio.
We look forward to seeing you on Monday, June 6 at 12 am.
In collaboration with: Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Gruppo FS Italiane); Isola Design District; Bloom&me; Caracol; Antonella De Nisco Studio; Vivaio Coccetti; Consorzio Tutela Lambrusco.
Saturday, April 2nd

'First the egg or the chicken?', is an art event dedicated to urban agroforestry methods in dialogue with creativity. The organizations at the new space ‘Viafarini Work’ (Soulfood Forestfarms; Terzo Paesaggio; Phoebe Zeitgeist; Open Studio TreTre) on the occasion of MIART (Milano Art Fair) present a series of artistic and performative interventions dedicated to the symbolism of the egg. The artists will activate a series of installations and actions, unusual recipes, collaborative interventions on the territory, aimed at sharing knowledge and active participation of the public. A special installation by Atelier del Paesaggio/GREEN ISLAND, entitled 'AGRESTE', will cover the walls of the 'Garage' space. 

A project curated by Claudia Zanfi.


Saturday, April 2nd

Viafarini Work + Vettabbia Park, Milano (Italy)

Sunday, March 27th

COSMOGARDEN, the event dedicated to the design and maintenance of gardens and public spaces, presents a series of meetings and conferences on the theme of environmental sustainability. On this occasion there will be the presentation of the special project 'Botany for pollinators', a narration through images of the melliferous flora useful for pollinators, bees and small insects. Claudia Zanfi (GREEN ISLAND director) will be describing design methods for urban gardens and flowerbeds useful for biodiversity.


Sunday, March 27th

COSMOGARDEN, Brixia Forum, Brescia (Italy)


Sunday, March 20th

We are pleased to announce the publication of the book: On bees, Art and the City  (LE API, L'ARTE, LA CITTA') , edited by Claudia Zanfi (Corponove Editrice). The book aims to develop actions of dissemination and awareness in the field of environmental protection and eco-sustainable development, as a cultural and educational heritage necessary for future generations. Reflecting on the many ways to practice urban beekeeping can guide us towards the preservation of our territory. The presentation will be followed by the collective planting of botanical species useful to pollinators, from the art project ‘The Winter Garden’, by artists Rebecca Agnes + Vera Pravda (ViaFarini Art Archive).

Sunday, March 20th

San Faustino Garden, Milano (Italy)

Cover Attached


It is well known that nature needs pollinators every day. Flowers, fruits and vegetables would not exist without the painstaking work of these useful insects. GREEN ISLAND, with the international program ALVEARI URBANI/Urban BeeHives deals with these issues through the encounter of languages: art, design, music, agriculture, botany, sociality. To better communicate these fundamental messages, we are creating a special platform, in collaboration with University of Milano Bicocca.


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