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Photo by BILL OWENS. 4-14 MAY 2018

Fifty years after the great cultural revolution of 1968, the work of the master of photography Bill Owens will be presented for the first time in Georgia. In his series of B/W images Owens documents the rise of student’s protests at the Berkeley University, in the City of San Francisco. It is a movement of rebellion, a desire for change and renewal. Using photography as a means of social documentation, the artist makes a real anthropological investigation, telling us one of the most important cultural turning point in the world.

Curated by Claudia Zanfi / 'Archivio Bill Owens Milano'

For more info read here

4-14 MAY 2018


As part of the renowned exhibition 'NINFEAMUS', dedicated to historical gardens, at the park of Villa Litta Lainate, the new program ALVEARI URBANI will be presented, curated by Atelier del Paesaggio. The proposal ALVEARI URBANI LAINATE it is conceived as a path to raise awareness on pollinators and urban biodiversity, for the city and its citizens.
MONDAY APRIL 9th 10 am- 1 pm
An international seminar at the Milano Politecnico - Lecco, in the context of Urban Design Seminars, coordinated by Prof. Angela Colucci. The meeting is dedicated to the theme of urban regeneration through practices of 'renaturalisation' of cities. Among the various proposed interventions: the limitation of land use; ecosystems for urban services and projects; green infrastructures; green roofs, etc ... Claudia Zanfi will conduct an intervention starting from the experience of GREEN ISLAND, including creativity, biodiversity and participation.
Eighteenth edition of GREEN ISLAND!

Important anniversary for a pioneering project dedicated to urban and social ecologies. After the success of Urban Bee HIves (awarded with special mention to EXPO in CITY and with the Timberland International Price), this edition presents great news: an urban itinerary that promises to turn the area between Garibaldi Train Station and the Isola District into an urban garden, with artist’s installations, eco-design, handicrafts, botany. The project will create an itinerary marked by ‘green indications’ drawn on the sidewalk, and special projcet dedicated to designers of Sarajevo, supported by images by Cinzia Castagna

A project by Claudia Zanfi/Atelier del Paesaggio.

Tasting of craft beers flavored with the flowers of Agribirrificio Argenteum (Trento)

22-25th March 2018, 10 am/6 pm

A series of workshops coordinated by the well known professor Richard Ingersoll, are dedicated to the theme of AGRI-CIVISM. Among the various activities proposed: urban gardens, biological swimming pools, rooftop beekeeping, temporary shelters, sustainable mobility, food as resource, ect ...

Claudia Zanfi will conduct a seminar based on her experience of Urban Bee Hives project, together with the students of the International Master in Eco-Design of the Milano Politecnico.


22-25th March 2018, 10 am/6 pm

Edificio Carta, Politecnico University Milano


Sunday 18th March 2018, 2 pm

As a tribute to the Landscape Day (March 14) and the arrival of Spring (March 21), the 'Spring Festival' invites citizens to reflect on the landscape as an identity and artistic value.

In addition the Festival addresses to the younger generations the message that environmental protection is a premise for a conscious use of the territory and a sustainable development.

The event includes the installation of special 'Topbar Hives’ for the protection of pollinating insects, and an educational workshop on urban biodiversity. In collaboration with Legno Urbano, Raul Luraschi, Trame Verdi, Recup, Potere allo Sciame, Greenwood.

Sunday 18th March 2018, 2 pm

Urban Garden San Faustino, 

Zona Ortica Milano

Saturday 3rd March 2018, 2 pm


In the frame of the international competition 'Lausanne Jardins' the collective ATELIER DEL PAESAGGIO, co-founded by Claudia Zanfi, has been selected for the final exhibition to display projects and creative proposals for a green area in the public space of the city of Lausanne (CH).

The winners – among more than 400 participants from all over the world - will be announced during the opening, on Saturday 3rd March.


Saturday 3rd March 2018, 2 pm

Openig exhibition and awards

Centre de Congrès, Lausanne

The prize went to the project "Urban Hive"

aMAZElab is proud to announce that the last November, in the prestigious location of Triennale di Milano, our international program "Green Island" received the Timberland and King Baudouin Foundation Prize, for the ten-year work in the research and design of new urban ecologies.

Particularly, the prize went to the original project "Urban Hive", focused on the biodiversity, the safeguard of bees and the creativity.

For the second time the group is finalist at the international prize Lausanne Jardins in Switzerland

Urban ecology and cooperation, are the main themes proposed by the studio Atelier del Paesaggio, founded by Claudia Zanfi.  The group is paying particular attention to the urban renewal of peripheral or semi-abandoned areas.

They have signed different green installations (Milano Design Week), and transformation of public spaces (Public Library Sempione Park Milano), with a particular attention to the use of sound-absorbing plants to improve the quality of the air. Atelier del Paesaggio participated at national and international competitions, such as: the social design program Buckminster Fuller Challenge, NYC; Metis Jardins in Canada; the Art Park on Lake of Mantova (First Prize).

For the second time the group is finalist at the international prize Lausanne Jardins in Switzerland.


Green Island activities extend with the GREEN ISLAND ACADEMY! Gardens, terraces, orchards and apiaries, public art installations, eco-design, urban biodiversity, are some of the issues defined by the NEW COURSE ON URBAN LANDSCAPE.

An innovative training on urban green projects, dedicated to architects, landscape designers and gardens' lovers. The lessons will be held by experts, botanists, green designers, agronomists.

The course will take place at the Academy SIAM Milano (Società Incoraggiamento Arti e Mestieri), one of the oldest school on art&craft in Italy. Green Island Academy includes outdoor study visits and a final green installation during Milano Design Week 2018



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