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(Stefano Boeri, Maddalena Bregani, Francisca Insulza, Francesco Jodice, Giovanni La Varra, John Palmesino)

starts his activity in 1998, along the most popular Bogotà’s roads, creating artistic events on social background. Among those the project “Museo de la Calle”. After some years of activity, EL VELOZ (mobile chariot of the museum) run through the hole Bogotá and moved to the rest of the world, realizing meetings and exchanges, for an inter-oceanic exchange. The project “Museo de la Calle”, wants to show, like in a real flea market, that the circulating process of goods, recovers the significance of human relation ship inside the urban space.

focuses his attention on foreign languages in which he sees a complex reality closely bound up with social, ethnic and geographical identity, as well as with thought and memory. Immigrants are the main subject of his video-portraits and video-interviews as he documents and explores complex social situations. For this reason, Rainer Ganahl’s artistic approach is aimed at understanding all the languages of humanity in which this polyglottism is the base condition for cohabitation.

Since her earliest works, she has been attracted by “Avliza”, an abandoned area in the West of Athens used as a temporary settlement by migrant populations. Maria Papadimitriou is attracted by the mobility dynamics of the area which make up a sort of emotional map. Thus in ’98, Papadimitriou started to reflect on the nature of nomadism and put together an ongoing collective project under the general title of “Tama”, Temporary Autonomous Museum for All. The word “Tama” in Greek means religious offering.

they work together on the concept of mobility and sociality, creating the project ESTACION MOVIL.. Mobile Station is over and above, the possibility to act out the capability for working with the people in all the different places. It is more likely a public space of confluence, conceived for the work in common, than an organized collective or an articulated group.

(Alexandro Arrechea, Dagoberto Rodriguez, Marcos Castillo), live and work in Havana. Group formed in 1990. La Ciudad transportable (2000) is an urban installation piece made of tents with aluminium frames which mimic the buildings of historic and industrial cities. La ciudad transportable is a mobile ensemble of archetypal figures which epitomise the entire works of the Cuban group. Their name, “Los Carpinteros (the carpenters), is a direct reference to the techniques which they usually employ. They construct and transform buildings using wood and metal.

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