Going Public '05/1 Artisti

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The making of Balkan Wars: the game, 1999-2005

The project primarily focused on the social and cultural issues within the Balkan Peninsula and on the creation of a network between artists, art critics, writers from South eastern Europe. It presents media works created by the 50 participating artists that investigate the Balkan territory and way of life. Both geopolitical war games and epic strategy video games are interrelated in this multi-media project.

In collaboration with 50 international artists.

IN.4 B.
interrelations for beasts, 2005

The project is a case study on the cattle-breeders of Thessalian plain. Traditionally most of the cattle-breeders of Thessaly have their origin from Sarakatsianaioi race, they were nomads who follow a circular route based on the season’s changes.
There is an architectural interest in the way they structure the ephemeral lodgings of their flocks.

In collaboration with Thessaly University, Department of Architecture, Volos.

Untitled, 2001- 2005 (Video Demo Station no.1)

4 DVD's, each 1 hour and 45 minutes long, PAL, stereo audio, color.
The project is a new installation created by the artist for Going Public ’05. It is a collection of experiences, realised putting together many different situations of collaboration and sharing with public: from typical cooking sessions, to musical moments, to public debats.
In collaboration with Portikus, Frankfurt.
DVD 1.
- Opening with Darren, Consume Bar and Null Runde
Friday, April 6th, at 8 pm
DVD 2.
- Cooking Battle Thomas Bayrle vs. Rirkrit Tiravanija

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