Going Public '05/2 Artisti

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Far away, 2005 video installation (Giardini Pubblici)
Among the most important concept artists and great experimenter of new trends and technology, Vaccari is well-known for his East-bound trips “beyond the curtain”, as used to be said before the fall of the wall. For this event he has produced a video work on the Romanian community in Modena which gathers around the orthadox church near via Emilia Est and their sentiment of distance from home. This is the other face of the coin compared to his analysis of via Emilia Ovest, a place of nocturnal encounters and prostitution.

Teoreticalia, 2005 environmental installation (Central Station)
Aldo Runfola, multi-facted and nomadic artist (Palermo, NYC, London, Milan), conceptually brings together the cultures of the two islands at opposite ends of Europe, (the Mediterranean and the Anglo-Saxon) and tells of the plight of a world in which things are given a value only if they can be sold on the stock market. He has created a new installation especially for Going Public, in which philosophical phrases are spelled out with adhesive letters on the walls of the main hall of the Central Station.

(Przemo Lukasik e Lukasz Zagata)
CineOest, 2005 mobile cinema installation (Giardini Pubblici)
This duo of Polish architects has been involved for some time in the revalorisation of the ex-coal mines of Slesia in the South of the country, an area of great socio-territorial interest. The disused post-industrial buildings and mines are revisited with new purposes in mind: cultural centres, cinemas, theatres, libraries, etc… For Going Public, they will present their “mobile cinema” project: a projection box set up in a public park showing art video screenings.

EAST/WEST, 2005 drawings on wall (Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario)

Flag for Democracy, 2005 workshop (P.zza Castello, Formigine)

The Frunze Project, 2003-2005 installation (Central Station)

Critical Factor (Razvan Ion and Bodgan Stanciulescu),
"Recycle Mentality", 2005, installation (Ketucon Phone Center)
Razvan Ion, "quite_quiet_minutes", 2003, video 1'42", (Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario)

Monuments & Ruins, 2005, installation (Railway Underpass)

Sample City, 2003, video 12’ (special screening at the Cinema 7B)

(Mircea Cantor, Ciprian Muresan, Gabriela Vanga)
Version Magazine, special edition 2005, tabloid

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