New City-Territories

12/ 13 JUNE 2007 VENICE


The department of Industrial Arts & Design of the IUAV in Venice, together at the aMAZE cultural lab in Milan offer a moment of reflection in collaboration with Venice International Biennial.
An experimental and multi-disciplinary debate on “case study” cities (Istanbul, Beirut, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Barcelona and Venice), on contemporary perceptions of the city, as well as on the theme of new territories. Migratory flows of people, cultures and economies. The writing on the walls of contemporary city-territories, open maps with multiple meanings between their emotional, geographical, historical and social layers.
International seminar; publishing and journalistic presentations; conferences and video projections, visual materials, on the subject Atlante Mediterraneo. New City-Territories.

In collaboration with international universities and institutions:
Platform Garanti, Istanbul; Artos Foundation, Nicosia; Gudran Association for Art and Development, Alexandria; Ashkal Alwan Association, Beirut; Can Xalant Cultural Center, Matarò/Barcelona; Transit Project, Barcelona; Goldsmiths University of London, Department of Visual Cultures; Barcelona University, Metropolis-Post Graduate Program in Architecture and Urban Culture; Alexandria University, Department of Visual Art and Architecture; Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem University; University of Cyprus, Department of Social and Political Sciences.

With the support: Anna Lindh Foundation, Alexandria; European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam

PROGRAMME @ IUAV, ex Convento Terese, Venice:
?sessions held in English?

Tuesday 12th June
h.9.30/13.30: Atlante Mediterraneo. Art and Urban Practices. Artists on action.

Istanbul (xurban_collective), Beirut (Tony Chakar), Nicosia (Haris Epaminoda),
Alexandria (Gudran Collective), Tel Aviv (Ofri Cnaani) and Barcelona (Pep Dardanya)
Co-ordinators: Vasif Kortun (Director of Platform Garanti Cultural Centre and of Turkish Pavilion);
Marti Peran (Visual Arts professor, University of Barcelona).

h.14.30/18.30: Thought and public sphere. Publishing, publications, magazine.

> Going Public ’06. Atlante Mediterraneo.
Urban interventions, workshops, films, debates, cultural exchanges in public space.
Edited by Claudia Zanfi
Published by Silvana Editoriale, Milano/Actar, Barcelona 2006

> Did Someone Say Participate? An Atlas of Spatial Practice
Edited by Markus Miessen and Shumon Basar
Published by The MIT Press/Revolver 2006

> Roulotte
A magazine, a mobile exhibition, a documentation, a dialogue
Editors : Xavier Arenos, Domenec, Martí Peran
Published by ACM (Mataró, Barcelona) 2006

> YS. Ystenografo
weekly cultural supplement to Phileleftheros daily paper of Cyprus.
Investigate the art, graphic and cultural world.
Publishing direction: Eleni Xenou; Elena Parpa
Published by: Phileleftheros Ltd, Nicosia

> Arcipelaghi e enclave. Architettura dell'ordinamento spaziale contemporaneo,
by Alessandro Petti, edited by Maria Nadotti, Bruno Mondadori Editore, Milano 2007
Publishing and visual project, to understand transformation of public space, under effect of control and safety devices.

> Port-City. On mobility and exchange
An exhibition and editorial project + an international platform of research, that investigate the theme of City-Port
edited by Tom Trevor, director Arnolfini Contemporary Art Center, Bristol

Co-ordinate: Claudia Zanfi (artistic director of MAST- Museo di Arte Sociale e Territoriale, Milan)
Umberto Pastore (University of Trento, School of Management + editor Silvana Editoriale, Milano)

Wednesday 13th June
h.9.30/13.30: New city-territories. The visible city, the invisible city, lectures and seminars.

Paolo Fabbri (Professor of Semiotic Studies at the IUAV, Venice), Yannis Papadakis (Social Anthropologist, Associate Professor, University of Cyprus), Sigal Barnir & Yael Moria (Professors Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem), Nadim Karam (Professor, Architect founder of Atelier Hapsitus, Beirut), Peter Lang (Professor at Texas A&M University, Department of Architecture); Heba Habuelfadl, (Associated Professor, Faculty of Fine Art, Department of Architecture, Alexandria University).
Co-ordinate PierLuigi Sacco (Head of DADI, IUAV Venice).

h.14.30/18.30: Communities and territory. Brainstorming and proposals.

The second day closes with an open debate and a presentation of students and Italian artists researches: Isolario, by Francesca Cogni + Donatello de Mattia; 100% Pubblica, by Giulia Gabrielli, Lorenza Cossutta, Isabella Sannipoli; CairoCities by Anna Ferraro and Giulia Giapponesi.
Co-ordinated by Achilleas Kentonis (Director of Artos Foundation, Nicosia), Pelin Tan (art critic, Berlin/Istanbul).



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