Going Public '03 - Press Release

Politics, subjects and places.

The Going Public event, organised alongside the Philosophy Festival, offers a glance into the artistic practices which have used the social and political landscape as their primary source of material. Created by the Cultural Lab aMAZE (www.amaze.it) and curated by Marco Scotini and Claudia Zanfi, the event will include group projects by a number of artists from just as many different international situations (Cuba, Colombia, Perù, Austria, Grece) some of which on show here for the first time in Italy, with projects site specific.

Going Public is a mobile open platform, a network of production, reflection and cultural exchange that will establish itself between the train stations of Modena and Sassuolo, on the entire railway system of the province. This event should develop an attitude for intervention in social issues, in the fold of public policy, popular activism, nomadism, of today’s precarious and temporary settlements. It is a sort of window on the mobility in terms of space and subjects, in a landscape that day by day is more and more transformed. Some of the formost artists working with social issues chose places where transit and communication occurs for Going Public; places of exclusion, minorities and local memories as their field of actions: Los Carpinteros, Maria Papadimitriou, Colectivo Cambalache, Raimond Chaves +Gilda Mantilla, Rainer Ganahl, Gianni Motti, Multiplicity.
Established as an offspring of the Philosophy Festival, Going Public, subjects, policits and places, will allow for discussion and reflection, with the participation of Jurgen Habermas, Giorgio Agamben, Jacques Derrida and many others, asked to define what, today, can still be defined public.

In this occasion a catalogue will be published by SilvanaEditoriale / Artshow edizioni, containing editorial artists projects, different essays on the subject by Agamben, Basualdo, Boeri, Detheridge, Pietromarchi, Rodriguez, Scotini, Tzirtzilakis, Virno, zamudio, Zanfi and a complete bio-bibliography.