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Friday, September 29th - Spazio Viafarini.Work, Milan

The SWRAM project, conceived by Claudia Zanfi, presents a series of art works created by international artists and female beekeepers, dedicated to the wonderful world of bees and their importance for the global biodiversity. In addition, in collaboration with the Art School Caravaggio and the artist Carlo Galli, a special workshop for students to design creative bee hives will be held during the month of October.


Friday, September 29th, 6 pm

Spazio Viafarini.Work, Milan


September 20th - Benetton Foundation, Treviso

'Animal’s Landscape' is the theme of the new edition of 'Naturale Inclinazione', the series of meetings dedicated to garden and landscape culture, organized by the Benetton Studi Foundation, curated by Simonetta Zanon (Fondazione projects coordinator). Claudia Zanfi (Green Island/Alveari Urbani director) talks about her commitment for the preservation of bees, insects fundamental for the creation of the contemporary landscape.


Wednesday, September 20th, 5.30 pm

Benetton Foundation, Treviso


September 15th - De Mitri Foundation, Modena

The presentation of the ALFABETA project concerns the work of the artist CLOTI RICCIARDI, a key figure in Italian art of the 1970s. The presentation will be held at the Festival Filosofia Modena, this year dedicated to the subject 'words/parole'. The event - at the De Mitri Foundation- is introduced by curator Claudia Zanfi and philosopher Marco Senaldi.



Friday, September 15th, 6.30 pm

De Mitri Foundation, Modena

Park of Villa Litta Lainate (Milano-Italy)

At the historic Villa Litta Park in Lainate (MI), GREEN ISLAND will present the book "Bees, Art, Design and Architecture" (Corponove Edizioni), edited by Claudia Zanfi. Reflecting on the wonderful world of pollinators can guide us toward safeguarding our future. A publication dedicated to bees and their special dialogue with art, design, architecture. But above all, it is dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity.

Santa Cecilia Vineyard in Croara, Bologna (Italy)
Special event at the Santa Cecilia Vineyard, inside the beautiful 'Parco dei Gessi' on the hills of Bologna (Italy). GREEN ISLAND is organizing a naturalistic journey among art, botany and biodynamic agriculture. The Vineyard practices environmentally friendly cultivation, with a focus on the history of the land and the local vegetation. It combines a passion for art and design, which creates the occasion for installing new artistic beehives, useful for the pollination of the vineyard.

Santa Cecilia Vineyard in Croara, Bologna (Italy)

20th/27th May 2023

Another highlight is the Saturday 27th conference at the beautiful setting of Tenuta La Pistona Park, in Piacenza, entitled 'Creativity and Social Intelligence’. The conference is dedicated to the wonderful world of bees and their social organization. Among several notable guests, Claudia Zanfi (founder of Green Island/Alveari Urbani) will explore the relationship between bees and art.

20th/27th May 2023

The first event is held at the Gardens of Campus Bovisa, Politenico University of Milan. Saturday 20th of May will be ‘A day for bees’, with botanical workshops on the knowledge of vegetable species useful to pollinators. Bees are crucial in urban centers because they conserve biodiversity. Creating oases with melliferous flowers helps preserve an healthy and vital environment.

20th/27th May 2023

On the occasion of World Bees and Biodiversity Week, our Green Island program is active nationwide with a series of events dedicated to pollinators, to raise people awareness on these special insects to be known and protected. The program includes stories of bees, flowers, community, sharing, art and creativity.

Garibaldi Train Station, Milan (Italy) April 17-23

In addition, a special project of this edition of Green Island is the creation of Talk&Walk, afternoon moments for citizens. Every afternoon at 5:30 p.m. at the Garibaldi Train Station main hall, it is possible to participate to events, talks and performances, on art, beauty and sustainability, curated by Claudia Zanfi.  Followed by guided tours of creative labs around the Isola neighborhood, curated by IULM  University students.



Attached: Daily Program

Garibaldi Train Station, Milan (Italy) April 17-23

KIOSK is a pop-up, mobile and multi-purpose kiosk-floristry-kitchen around which a series of activities for the public revolve. A place of exchange and meeting for events and readings, new recipes, music for aromatics, olfactory performances. Created by Zurich based designer Antonio Scarponi, the installation will later be utilized by Schools of Art and Design, where it will serve as a sharing project for young people and students.



KIOSK Project attached