Museo d'Arte Sociale e Territoriale

MAST Museo di Arte Sociale e Territoriale, it’s a project by aMAZElab, an open and mobile platform for projects and ideas which, since 2000, is one of the Italian non-profit realities constantly working as experimental territorial lab, researching on topics such as mobility, migration, memory, borders, new geographies, Middle East, future social-political formats, public sphere, sustainability.

Among its on-going projects, in collaboration with local and international institutions:

COMMUNITIES AND TERRITORIES: platform on territorial and social changes, which relates the city and its inhabitants, involving artists, citizens and local communities (3 projects in Italy: Modena, Sassuolo, Formigine; 8 projects abroad: Larissa, Barcellona, Alexandria, Istanbul, Nicosia, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Kiev).


GREEN ISLAND: conceived for Milan Design and Urban Week, at Garibaldi Railway Station and via Pepe - Zona Isola, photography, architecture and design project on the concept of ecology, green areas, urban oasis.

MEMORY BOX, a mobile device, a cultural antenna, for “emergency zones”: public library and videoteque, cinema, kiosk, space for sound installations, lectures and performances. It has been activated along border’s areas (Waimar, Larissa, Nicosia).



GOING PUBLIC: public art and urban project, created for International Festival of Philosophy in Modena, that investigates the key points of public sphere, involving young students, local communities, artists, writers, architects, geographers, sociologists coming from all over the world.



MAST has won 4 international awards