From the interview with Giuseppe Antoniani

Sassuolo, Monday 16/12/2002, 12,00

The first attack that we carried out, or at least that I carried out, with the other Partisans that were around at the time was at Muraglione di Levizzano up there near Roteglia after Castellarano. At Muraglione there were the Germans coming down with their trucks, where Fontana died, poor old Giorgio. Anyway, there was a Partisan posting on a rise, there’s a curve, and the posting was just above it and there were two there from Castellarano – poor old Giorgio they shot him right here at the cemetery of Sassuolo – he jumped out, a bit young… a bit inexperienced I suppose, he jumped down from the hillock where he was hiding and stopped the truck with the Germans on it. But while he was looking at the truck, he didn’t notice that the rear guard was coming up behind on motorbikes and they stopped him and loaded him onto the back of the truck and they went straight past his father in Castellarano, because his father was standing there in the street where the town hall is, and the truck went past with Giorgio on it with his hands tied and then they shot him, it was right here in Sassuolo where the sports field is.