Francesco Genitoni

Born on 14th June 1951 in Cola (comune of Vetto, Reggio Emilia) he has lived in Sassuolo (Modena) since 1961. He graduated from the State University of Milan with a dissertation on the Resistance in the Secchia river valley, which then became the book entitled “Soldati per conto nostro”, published by Vangelista, Milan, 1989.
He has collaborated with the “Nuova Gazzetta di Modena" and has worked as a journalist since 1986. He also worked in the press office of the Council of Sassuolo until 1992.
He then joined the Studio di Comunicazione e Casa publisher BV&, which issued a number of publications on local themes and culture.
For many years he has worked as a freelance journalist for a variety of associations, public bodies and private companies on a number of articles, reports and magazines.
Since 1989 he has been the director and editor of the contemporary poetry magazine/review entitled "Gli immediati dintorni", published in Modena, and since 1995, of the prose and poetry magazine “Frontiera”, published in Bologna.
Since December 2000 he has taken on the position of Councillor of Culture for Sassuolo City Council.
Among his many publications to date, we might highlight:
Soldati per conto nostro, (Vangelista 1989), Ruscello Bello si innamora, (Einaudi 1995, a tale for primary school children), Animali circolari as part of the series of the Quaderni del Masaorita (Bologna, 1997), Carte della Delizia, published by Diabasis, Reggio Emilia, 2002. His poems and short stories were published in the anthologies Poeti dell'Emilia Romagna, Forlì 1983; I poeti vettesi, Reggio Emilia 1988; Poker di scrittori di provincia, Reggio Emilia 1998; Rassegna di scrittori modenesi (for the winners of the “Paesi e città” prize), Modena 1999; contributions to the magazines "Tam Tam", "il belpaese", "Gli immediati dintorni", "Frontiera", “Origini”.