GREEN WEEK/Festival of Sustainability

24th-26th September

Friday 24th September

Giardino San Faustino + CasciNet, Milan

Urban itineraries and narrations: how the new green areas of the contemporary city are conceived? How to cross it and experience them in a different way ? A new journey by bike, from Giardino San Faustino to Cascina Sant'Ambrogio Milano, between memory and contemporaneity of the Ortica district, to discover new aspects of the urban reforestation project 'Soulfood Forest Farm'.

Saturday 25th e Sunday 26th September,

Cascina Merlata Park, via P.P. Pasolini, Milan

For the Sustainability Week organized by ASVIS, ALVEARI URBANI will carry out workshops for citizens on urban ecology and beekeeping in the city, with the special transparent educational beehive, which allows to see the wonderful life of bees, their social organization, pollen collection and honey.

In collaboration with Uptown; Donna Moderna; B-BOX Beeing.