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The prize went to the project "Urban Hive"

aMAZElab is proud to announce that the last November, in the prestigious location of Triennale di Milano, our international program "Green Island" received the Timberland and King Baudouin Foundation Prize, for the ten-year work in the research and design of new urban ecologies.

Particularly, the prize went to the original project "Urban Hive", focused on the biodiversity, the safeguard of bees and the creativity.

For the second time the group is finalist at the international prize Lausanne Jardins in Switzerland

Urban ecology and cooperation, are the main themes proposed by the studio Atelier del Paesaggio, founded by Claudia Zanfi.  The group is paying particular attention to the urban renewal of peripheral or semi-abandoned areas.

They have signed different green installations (Milano Design Week), and transformation of public spaces (Public Library Sempione Park Milano), with a particular attention to the use of sound-absorbing plants to improve the quality of the air. Atelier del Paesaggio participated at national and international competitions, such as: the social design program Buckminster Fuller Challenge, NYC; Metis Jardins in Canada; the Art Park on Lake of Mantova (First Prize).

For the second time the group is finalist at the international prize Lausanne Jardins in Switzerland.


Green Island activities extend with the GREEN ISLAND ACADEMY! Gardens, terraces, orchards and apiaries, public art installations, eco-design, urban biodiversity, are some of the issues defined by the NEW COURSE ON URBAN LANDSCAPE.

An innovative training on urban green projects, dedicated to architects, landscape designers and gardens' lovers. The lessons will be held by experts, botanists, green designers, agronomists.

The course will take place at the Academy SIAM Milano (Società Incoraggiamento Arti e Mestieri), one of the oldest school on art&craft in Italy. Green Island Academy includes outdoor study visits and a final green installation during Milano Design Week 2018



SATURDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2017, 11-12 am

 The experience of bees in the city has long been consolidated: New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin and Paris. Now it is arrived in Milan thanks to the project 'Alveari Urbani/Urban Bee Hives' conceived by Claudia Zanfi. The pollinators protect urban biodiversity and are valuable sensors to monitor the air quality in our cities. In fact, urban beekeeping allow bio-monitoring studies: honey and wax analysis can yield important data to understand the environmental pollution and health of our cities. An important initiative for all citizens and for the future generations.



11-12 am

ORTICOLARIO, Villa Erba, Cernobbio (Como), (Italy)


Biodiversity and urban beekeeping are the themes introduced by GREEN ISLAND for the new project Alveari Urbani/Urban Bee Hives - Zona San Faustino, Milan. The project is devoted to the knowledge of the wonderful world of bees, to the introduction of botanical species useful for pollinators, with an exhibition devoted to the artist's hives and eco-design. The event features a small laboratory for children and families with organic honey flavors.




4:30 - 5:30 pm

New Community Garden - San Faustino Milan (Italy)


Urban hortus, community gardens, flowerbeds, temporary green installations, urban biodiversity, eco-design, will be narrated by landscape designers and experts in a conference, introducing a new training course for urban green design. The event takes place inside the courtyard of the SIAM Academy, where a fruit plant design will be realized for the first time in a public space, the only original example of an orchard in the heart of the city.



WEDNESDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER 2017, 5 - 7 pm

Courtyard SIAM Academy, 

Via Santa Marta 18, Milan (Italy)

1-3d July 2017

ATLANTE MEDITERRANEOThe study days around "Mare Nostrum" will be held on Friday 30 June, Saturday 1 and Sunday, 2 July at Barzio, Valsassina (Lecco). The meetings will see the participation of scholars, researches and citizens alternating on the stage, giving rise to moments of cultural, geopolitical and religious exchanges. There will also be thematic moments, round tables, discussion and debate spaces, along with cinema, music and flavors.

1-3d July 2017
Barzio (Lecco Valley, Italy)
SATURDAY 10th JUNE 2017 3.30 pm/6.30 pm

Save the soilIn these days, we celebrate the World Environment Day, promoted by the United Nations for the protection of our Planet. Land and soil are common goods endangered. Artists, architects, designers, botanists gather to save this precious value. The conference on Saturday, June 10th brings together organizations active on the subject. It is the right occasion to join the European petition:

6th-12th JUNE 2017

Igor SovljThe  GREEN ISLAND is invited to participate to Eco Film Festival, which takes place every year on the border between Croatia and Bosnia. This is a unique program that combines a selection of eco-travel movies and a bicycle tour into the nature.

This year the chosen route starts from the head of the UNA River in Donja Suvaja (Lika district), continuing in Bosnia-Herzegovina, using exclusively ecological transport such as bicycles. The Festival culminates with projections of films dedicated to the environment and biodiversity, with the aim of raising ecological awareness of the public. Within the Festival a special section is dedicated to the activities of GREEN ISLAND, curated by Claudia Zanfi.

May 16 2017, 5pm – 7pm

The first HONEY BAR in New York City makes its debut in Brooklyn, in the spaces of the Industry City. It is a mobile kiosk, offering tasting experiences from local producers, innovative ways to serve honey, and a type of architecture which draws on a repeatable and versatile module, designed to be installed in various environments or cities around the world. 

A new concept of STREET HONEY BAR in which, from the tasting of different honeys to the most diverse gourmet couplings, nectar becomes a genuine lifestyle. Organized as part of the New York Design Week in Brooklyn, in the spaces of the Industry City – Wanted Design District, this brand of New York creativity has been invited by GREEN ISLAND to form part of an international network designed to rethink all that which concerns the world of beekeeping. The first GREEN ISLAND/HONEY BAR of New York City, a mobile and versatile element, a reproducible and customizable project. Attached Press Release

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