Going Public '05/1 Artisti ITA

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In praise of dry toilet, 2003
Video, color, sound, 5’

All three international artists work on concept of territories, communities, sharing of experience, memory and culture.

Vajtojca, 2003
Video, color, sound, 4’

Women at work, 2000
Video, color, sound, 12’

ESTACION MOVIL, work in progress
Video, pal, color, sound, 14’, 2005

ESTACION MOVIL is a moving platform, a space for interaction with the public, designed for workshops. It takes place in a train stations or local communities. Estacion Movil is an artistic activity using a wide range of media, from drawing sessions to photo-portraits of travellers; from stories told and written, then hung on the wall in the station. The project usually ends with a publication “Hangeando” (Hanging around) the first paper to be compiled exclusively by the users and commuters.

The Tupperware Show at Military Camp, 2005

The artist works on a stratificated level of symbolism and actions. The project emphasizes on the impact of militarism since his childhood in Cyprus. According to the hybrid style of the local architecture of Larissa (elements like Chinese pagoda are often presents in the territory) the soldiers are asked to construct a bunkded for their new military sleeping chamber. The use of tapperware in many military and refugee camps, will be transformed in a monument – a wall – in Nicosia for Manifesta 2006.

Buildings for Correction, 2005

The project is a case study on the second toughest prison in Greece located in Larissa territory. It focuses on the morphological and architectural elements of the building, with models presenting the prison’s current shape, a found model borrowed from the prison director’s office and an archive of images (found in local newspapers) detailing visually the building’s structural changes.

In collaboration with National Prison in Larissa.


A project of common experience and multi cultural function, where the kiosk reveals all his potentials: Tv station, place for workshop, for communication, for meetings. The people are invited to use the kiosk, and they are directors of their own knowledge and of their references. Therefore, the Kiosk of Culture is perpetually on the point of creating and reinventing itself.

In collaboration with Dimitris Masouras.

THE MEMORY BOX, 2003-2005

The Memory Box is the container for everyone’s stories. Is a free space, mobile and territorial. Is fed by accounts connected with a specific neighborhood, city or province, and travels directly to where people live and work. Is made for people, with the people. Everybody is invited to enter and tell stories about his own life. Is a station encounters between personal experience and the great episodes of History.

In collaboration with Central Station, Larissa;
The Memory Box is design by Bauhaus University, Weimar.

Post Programmed City Territory.
Farkadona Case, 2005

Workshop at Farkadona Trikalon, where there is a community of repatriated Greek Pontians and Armenians refugees. Is located at the edge of Farkadona City, at an existing military camp infrastructure, to which were transported prefabricated containers (previously used by the earthquake victims of Kalamata). The demand of the community is to move to “real” houses as promised by the state on their arrival.

In collaboration with Thessaly University, Department of Architecture, Volos; Farkadona Community; KEP Office, Prefecture of Larissa.

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